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Unlocking New Horizons in Adaptive Optics:
Exploring Deformable Phase Plate Technology

In this interactive session, Phaseform’s CTO, Dr. Pouya Rajaeipour will introduce you the fascinating world of Deformable Phase Plate technology along with our latest developments in the field of refractive Adaptive Optics! You will have the opportunity to see our Deformable Phase Plates in action and participate in a Q&A session answering all your questions.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Welcome to the first edition of our webinar series!
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Webinar Agenda

Introduction to Deformable Phase Plate (DPP) Technology

Applications and Real-world Implementations

Live Hardware Demonstration

Interactive Q&A session with Phaseform's CTO

Optimizing Optical Systems with the DPP Simulation Tool

Upcoming Appointments

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