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Tailored laser pulses for polarization enhanced two-photon excited fluorescence contrasts of dyes

Researchers from the Freie Universität Berlin have recently published their findings on "Polarization enhanced two-photon excited fluorescence contrast by shaped laser pulses using a deformable phase plate" in Applied Optics Vol. 62, No. 31 on 1 November 2023.

This pioneering study sheds light on the use of spatially and temporally shaped laser pulses to significantly enhance the fluorescence contrast in imaging dyes - a breakthrough with profound implications for biophotonic applications.

At the heart of this advancement is Phaseform's Delta 7 / DPP technology. The device's ability to shape laser pulses both temporally and spatially was crucial in achieving the enhanced imaging contrast observed in the study. Notably, the DPP outperformed traditional liquid crystal modulators by offering modulation across all polarization directions. The study highlighted how specific phase shaping of laser pulses in perpendicular polarization directions, aided by the DPP, led to a significantly enhanced contrast between different dyes. This is particularly valuable in deep tissue imaging and three-dimensional probe scanning, where clarity and contrast are essential. The findings underscore the Delta 7 / DPP's potential not just in improving existing imaging techniques, but also in opening doors to new research methodologies in biophotonics.



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