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World's smallest AO fluorescence microscope using DPP technology

In an article in Optics Express, we describe a simple practical application of our Deformable Phase Plate: a miniaturized fluorescence microscope, which can even be considered the "World's Smallest AO Microscope".

In this work we have combined our refractive Ultra-Thin Deformable Phase Plate with a Sensorless Wavefront Aberration Estimation algorithm and demonstrate diffraction-limited imaging of synthesized samples in a fully refractive AO microscope. Replacement of the conventional deformable mirrors with our DPP results in avoiding beam-folding and complex system re-design and yet, conserves the high order aberration correction capability.

You can read the open access paper here:

Original article: "Fully refractive adaptive optics fluorescence microscope using an optofluidic wavefront modulator"


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