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Optics Meet-Up Jena

The 4th edition of the Optics Meet-Up event in Jena was an exciting and enlightening experience where we could share our technology, "Deformable Phase Plate - a new plug-and-play adaptive optics solution". Our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Pouya Rajaeipour, presented our Deformable Phase Plate (DPP) technology, followed by a hands-on demonstration that sparked intrigue.

The event, hosted by OptoNet and organized by Photonics Precision Engineering (PPE) provided a platform for showcasing our pioneering work and networking with industry professionals. The venue, Kombinat 01, buzzed with discussions about the future of adaptive optics, creating an inspiring atmosphere.

We are grateful to the event organizers and participants for their enthusiasm and engagement. The insightful questions and interest in our technology were the highlights of the event. We look forward to participating in more industry events and contributing to the world of optics. Thank you, OptoNet, PPE, and all the participants.



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