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Next-gen DPP featured on JOM title page

The next generation of our Deformable Phase Plate (DPP) is featured on the cover page of the Journal of Optical Microsystems, a Gold Open Access journal published by SPIE that focuses on cutting-edge research in all aspects of optical and photonic microsystems.

The latest issue of the journal showcases significant advancements of our DPP technology, and some of its unique properties. The new DPP has 63 electrodes, allowing phase modulation up to the 7th radial order of Zernike modes - which is the highest spatial order ever achieved with a dynamic refractive phase modulator.

Figure from the published manuscript: Different working regimes of available wavefront modulators, categorized with respect to the required number of spatial mode shapes that describe their modulation capability. The colored bars depict the type of wavefront modulators; DM: deformable mirror, LC-SLM: liquid crystal spatial light modulator, DPP: deformable phase plate (Journal of Optical Microsystems 1 (3), 034502)

The new DPP is immune from the parasitic gravity-induced distortions which are typical for optofluidic devices. As a result, it can be easily integrated into optical systems without concerns about its orientation, just mount it wherever and however it is needed!

For more info and reading the complete open access manuscript refer to the following links.


  1. Rajaeipour, P., Sauther, M., Banerjee, K., Zappe, H., & Ataman, Ç. (2021). Seventh-order wavefront modulation with a gravity-neutral optofluidic deformable phase plate. Journal of Optical Microsystems, 1(3), 034502.

  2. Issue of the Journal of Optical Microsystems featuring the new DPP on its cover:


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