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More potential for multi-photon microscopy with DPP

We are excited to announce the publication of a research paper, titled "Optofluidic adaptive optics in multi-photon microscopy," in the Biomedical Optics Express journal. Our team worked in collaboration with the Institute for Biomedical Physics, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria, led by Prof. Alexander Jesacher, and the Microsystems for Biomedical Imaging Laboratory at the IMTEK of the University of Freiburg, Germany. In this work, we introduce a novel approach to adaptive optics using a fast and robust sensorless adaptive optics scheme adapted for transmissive wavefront modulators.

Our study involved numerical simulations and experiments using Deformable Phase Plate (DPP), developed by Phaseform, which is transmissive, refractive, polarisation-independent, and broadband. We demonstrate scatter correction of two-photon-excited fluorescence images of microbeads as well as brain cells and benchmark DPP against a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator. The method and technology could open new routes for adaptive optics in scenarios where previously, the restriction to reflective and diffractive devices may have staggered innovation and progress.

We would like to encourage everyone interested in optics and photonics to read our open-access paper, which is available at the following link:



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