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Freiburger Innovationspreis for Phaseform team

Phaseform won the "Freiburger Innovationspreis" (Freiburg Innovation Award) 2021! We are very happy to have been chosen for this very special award for exemplary, original, and innovative achievements in the development of new products, processes, services and business models in the Freiburg region. The main selection criteria for the award were the degree of innovation, marketability, future viability as well as the economic significance of the submitted competition entries. The Freiburg Innovation Award was sponsored jointly by the Technology Foundation and Freiburg's innovation leader in the field of medical technology, Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG, and was supported by Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau.

The prize awarded by the board of the Technology Foundation, Hanna Böhme, the head of Freiburg's Stryker plant, Tobias Adomeit, the head of the Innovation and Environment division of the Southern Upper Rhine André Olveira-Lenz, and the head of the corporate services division of the Freiburg Chamber of Skilled Crafts, Dr. Handirk von Ungern-Sternberg in the presence of Head Mayor Martin Horn and Sparkasse Chairman Marcel Thimm.



Photos: © Technologiestiftung BioMed Freiburg | D. Schoenen

Video: © Technologiestiftung BioMed Freiburg | Realisation: triolog


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