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Delta 7

The Delta 7 is a transmissive wavefront modulator delivered with dedicated drive electronics and control software. 

It is designed for demanding wavefront shaping applications, where neither size nor performance can be compromised. 

63 electrodes electrostatically actuate the Optofluidic DPP (Deformable Phase Plate)

7th radial order of Zernike polynomials (>35 modes)

Linear & hysteresis-free response

Clear Aperture: 10 mm

RMS wavefront error < 15nm

Maximum peak to valley of the generated wavefronts: >8µm

Polarisation independent operation

Compatible with standard 30 mm cage system

SM1-Threading (internal)

Software: Python, MATLAB-wrapper

Connectivity: USB 2.0

Operating system: Windows, Linux and macOS

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