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New Phaseform Team Members

Two new team members have recently joined the Phaseform team!

Sergei Klykov (right) is Microscopy Specialist at Phaseform and is responsible for all development and customer support for our DPP-based product line for microrscopy applications.

"I am really grateful for the opportunity to work together with Phaseform team for developing and improving new highly innovative AO products lying on the front-end of the stack of several modern technology areas. Although, sure, this is the challenging opportunity, but, in the same time, very inspiring, because of all perspectives that it would open up!"

Jan Teschner (left) is a technical employee utilizing his background in precision mechanics for assembly of our innovative DPP technology for our current and future product lines.

"Through my many years of collaborating with research, development and companies that have always been one step ahead technically and scientifically, I find Phaseform particularly exciting. I am very happy to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with such a motivated and highly innovative team."

A sincere welcome to both of them at Phaseform!



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